Emily Ratajkowski wants to follow in Kathy Ireland's entrepreneurial footsteps

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is greatly inspired by Kathy Ireland's success in the business world.

The model launched swimwear label Inamorata in 2017 and has since expanded the brand to include clothing, lingerie, and sleepwear.

Regarding her plans for the company, Emily explained during an interview with Ashley Graham for her Pretty Big Deal podcast that she wants to emulate Sports Illustrated model-turned-businesswoman Kathy's achievements.

"I educated myself, this was six months ago, and I kind of got obsessed with (Kathy) and her story... she just wanted to work! Modelling is a great way to make some money to do other things, and that's where my head was always at," she said. "(It's) just so cool to see how she has turned this thing that could've been very simple... Put the (modelling) money into her bank account or whatever and built this huge, huge billion-dollar business."

Kathy founded Kathy Ireland Worldwide in 1993, with the company now offering home and office goods, fashion, accessories, pet products, among many other items.

Elsewhere in the chat, Emily noted her Inamorata brand is self-funded and has "been in the green" since day one. And while she comes from an arts rather than business background, she put in hours of research before opening up shop.

"I just asked (people), I used whatever resources I had, my friend's brother-in-law, other women entrepreneurs I knew, I also looked at businesses I had modelled for and I was like, 'How did they work this? How did they do this? What's this person's job? Why are they doing that? How did they expand? What makes this brand really work?'" the 28-year-old recalled. "I did a lot of research... and then, trial and error."

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