Emilio Estevez pleased Charlie Sheen has embraced sobriety

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez believes his brother Charlie Sheen getting sober has had a positive impact on their family.

The St. Elmo's Fire star has long been known as the strait-laced son of Martin Sheen, with Charlie notorious for his hell-raising until he revealed he was HIV positive in 2015 - after which he vowed to get his life back on track.

Now, in an interview with The Guardian, Emilio revealed that Charlie turning his life around has greatly delighted him.

"He's been clean and sober for almost two years now," he said. "It's a huge win for him but also for the whole family."

Explaining why he stayed on the straight and narrow, while Charlie battled drug and alcohol issues, Emilio mused that it's because he grew up before his father found fame as an actor.

"When we were growing up in New York, my mother was a struggling artist and my father was a struggling actor," the 57-year-old noted. "So until I was a teenager we were living pay cheque to pay cheque. They were really tumultuous times and, as I was the oldest, I absorbed it all more than my siblings."

Emilio's dad also battled alcohol problems, famously struggling to film Francis Ford Coppola's war epic Apocalypse Now, before getting sober. The actor was initially embarrassed by his father's recovery - but now understands why he embraced activism rather than booze.

"The household wasn't always stable," he shared. "My father is a different man now, and when he got sober he came back to the (Catholic) Church and took up activism.

"So then I'd watch him get arrested on television and he'd be carted off shouting the Lord's Prayer. He looked like a lunatic, and I found it embarrassing then. But I get it now."

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