Emilia Clarke named Clinique's first-ever brand ambassador

Emilia Clarke's Clinique campaign. Courtesy of Clinique

Emilia Clarke has been appointed the first-ever global brand ambassador for beauty company Clinique.

The Games of Thrones actress has been tapped by officials at the American skincare and cosmetics brand to help promote their custom-fit hydrating system, Clinique iD, which launched two years ago.

Emilia, who was introduced to Clinique by her mother and is a longtime user of their products, explained to WWD.com that she was keen to be the brand's first celebrity ambassador as their values align with hers.

"The brand feels fresh and relatable and universal, and those are the traits I believe in," she said. "They're not trying to make people look different, they're trying to make people look like themselves, which is ideal because we can't keep striving to be something we're not anymore. That's an absolute recipe for lifelong misery."

The 33-year-old likes that Clinique develops quick and simple products in a beauty market that can be complicated.

"There's so many new brands - vegan brands, scientific brands - it can be really b**ody confusing when you just want something that works," Emilia shared. "If you don't have the money to spend on a huge amount of new stuff that maybe next month will make your eyebrows fall off, that stamp of approval and heritage feels safer. It almost comes pre-approved, whilst still being modern. That simple outlook, for me, is a relief."

Clinique executives abstained from having celebrity ambassadors over the course of its 50-year history as they wanted to let the products speak for themselves. They were so determined to pick a star that was already a fan of the brand that they even sent a consultant to Emilia's home before signing her up.

The Last Christmas star has previously appeared in fragrance campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and a jewellery campaign for Dior.

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