The Emergence of New Talents and Youngsters

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Meet Klaidas Siuipys, taking over the world of Amazon and entrepreneurship like a true blue professional and expert.

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He is a 22-year-old Amazon performance expert who has positioned himself at the forefront of the industry.

The world has been captivated by the emergence of new talents and youngsters who have proven that when individuals work with passion, talent, determination, everything becomes achievable. "However, one must be ready to go under the grind and learn each day," says Klaidas Siuipys.

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Who is Klaidas Siuipys? He's been around for awhile now, this guy. He really has an expert eye and knows his way in the world of Amazon like no other professional does. From a coaching perspective to performance enhancement--he can do it all. Klaidas is an entrepreneur from Vilnius Lithuania who has had a huge amount of success at such a young age. Born in 1998 and says that since he can remember, he's taken inspiration not only from his parents but also the momentum they have achieved as people in business for many years. Little did he know then that Amazon would completely change his life for the better and place him at the forefront of the industry as an Amazon seller and Amazon SEO professional.

Today, he is the owner, Account Manager and Consultant at Shayz Consulting, who, since 2015, has been successfully taking care of hundreds of products and dozens of accounts. He found his passion in helping sellers and brands attain their desired success by scaling them through his industry-best techniques and strategies.

Recently Klaidas has helped a client grow from 50k USD to 1.2 million in monthly revenue and 40% profit margin, making their one of the best-selling toys on Amazon within 7 months! As an event speaker he shares his knowledge with people at conferences about how they can enjoy success like him.

If he has achieved this at 22, one can imagine the level of success he is yet to achieve and make others achieve in the years to come through Amazon.

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