Is It Emasculating To Accessorise?

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austin butler
austin butler

Not enough men give jewellery the credit they deserve. Unsurprisingly, not many understand the prowess of accessorising or are brave enough to be experimental with their style.

In some cultures, men find it emasculating to accessorise as bijou or baubles are considered feminine. That said, we all know that personal style is built on confidence; categorising fashion choices based on sex is passé. Possibly, there is a handful of gents who agree with the latter statement but are simply too afraid to accessorise, because they’re worried about looking kitschy from potential deficiencies in personal styling.

The irony is that whatever your perceived levels of styling are: all men are doing it albeit subtly and subconsciously. If you think about it, bags, ties, sunglasses and socks are all forms of accessories. They are no different to rings, bracelets and necklaces when it comes to styling; it’s all about dressing according to what makes you feel and look good. Think of them as a period to the end of every sentence, the icing on the cake, a finishing touch that adds that uniqueness and sophistication to your style.

For example, Cartier’s ambassador and American actor Austin Butler recently made his appearance on the UK special screening of ‘Elvis’ in London, clad in a faultless monochromatic ensemble. The number looked great on him but what really took centre stage is the understated Panthère de Cartier pocket gem, Tank Louis Cartier watch and Love ring. Though inconspicuous, they complete the look with an elegant savour and a pop of colour, elevating what would be considered a “safe” suit.

A testament to the power of accessorising, Butler’s ensemble also proves that a little goes a long way. Furthermore, contrary to prejudice that comes with accessorising, the actor seems to be rocking the adornments with suaveness. I’d beg to differ if anyone thinks he looks feminine. 

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