Elva Hsiao postpones schedule due to health problems

30 Mar – First it was Jolin Tsai, now Elva Hsiao is also postponing plans for her new album and has cancelled her concert tour in China.

As reported on Mingpao, a representative from Elva's record label recently revealed that the singer has fallen ill while working in Los Angeles for her new album several months ago.

After being diagnosed with acute bronchitis, Elva halted her work and flew to Vancouver for treatment. However, after two months of treatment, Elva found that her condition did not improve, and that she had instead suffered from serious migraine attacks and fever.

"After consulting with Elva's family, we decided to postpone her work indefinitely, including her commercial work, endorsements, new album, and tour concert," said the rep.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the singer is currently undergoing acupuncture treatment, and has gradually improved.

She hopes to resume her work in summer.

(Photo Source: Elva Hsiao Instagram)

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