Elmo Asked How We're Doing. Turns Out, Pretty Terrible!

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Elmo Wants to Know How You're DoingPaul Zimmerman - Getty Images

You’re never too old to call Elmo a friend! Especially considering how active our favorite Sesame Street resident is on social media, where most of his aging comrades hang out nowadays. This week, he posted a sweet vibe check on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Elmo is just checking in,” he wrote, “How is everybody doing?” The response? Not so hot.

Within minutes, Elmo’s replies were flooded with existential dread. I guess that’s what happens when you ask a bunch of adults how they’re feeling in the dead of winter. One user wrote, “Every morning, I cannot wait to go back to sleep. Every Monday, I cannot wait for Friday to come. Every single day and every single week for life.” Another person wrote, “Suffering,” while a similarly depressed fan replied, “I’m at my lowest, thanks for asking.” My personal favorite? “Where do we begin Elmontre?”

Those who weren’t airing out their feelings took the opportunity to imagine how Elmo and his social media manager felt while reading the replies.

Now, I don’t think theworldisburningandihatemylife was the conversation Elmo was hoping to have, but hey, it’s where we're at! As usual, our red-haired friend understands. After giving his followers a day to commiserate, Elmo logged back into X and posted a heartfelt message to his fans. “Wow!” he wrote. “Elmo is glad he asked! Elmo learned that it’s important to ask a friend how they are doing. Elmo will check in again soon, friends! Elmo loves you.”

OK, so—let's throw it back to our Sesame Street years—what did we learn? Life’s hard! That's OK. Call your friends. Call your family. See how they’re doing. This world is a crazy place—but I’m sure they’re happy you’re in it, too.

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