Elle Fanning's vintage style wasn't accepted in high school

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning's eclectic vintage style wasn't welcomed by her peers when she was at high school.

The Maleficent actress is known for her ability to put together a trendy outfit, whether off-duty or on the red carpet, and her style credentials have landed her campaign gigs with both Miu Miu and L'Oreal Paris.

However, Fanning has now shared that her style wasn't always praised, with her revealing that when she went to a private high school in the San Fernando Valley, after being homeschooled until she was nine, her eccentric fashion sense and love of vintage clothing didn't go down well with the other students.

"My mom would let me wear whatever I wanted. I went to a lot of thrift stores and would mix it together, but in high school that's not the coolest thing," she admitted to Marie Claire magazine.

Fanning tried to change her look to fit in and please her classmates. But it didn't feel right, so she decided to stick with the quirky pieces she was comfortable with.

"I tried to wear skinny jeans and a tank top or to look sexy for a bar mitzvah. It just was not me. It didn't even look good," the 21-year-old shared. "Some people are repulsed by that smell of vintage clothes, but I love it."

Fanning was obsessed with fashion while growing up and now enjoys modelling designer looks on the red carpet.

"From a young age, I knew every model's name on the runway. I was totally looking in magazines, like, 'That looks good,'" she continued. "The red carpet is a fun place for me. I don't get anxiety. It's a creative space where I get to be 100 per cent me, not a character. It's kind of like my soul coming out."

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