Ella Chen opens up about previous urinary incontinence

17 May – While mothers everywhere celebrated Mother's Day with photos and videos of their children, S.H.E's Ella Chen decided to open up about the one subject that others might not want to talk about - postpartum urinary incontinence.

As reported on ET Today, the singer published a long post on Facebook on Mother's Day, saying that she had her struggles with such issue following the birth of her son, Daniel.

"I wasn't just leaking a little bit. My panty liners would get soaked thoroughly and then leaked through my pants," she said.

She admitted that the condition was caused by a prolapsed bladder, and that she had to undergo surgery to rid of her situation.

"I had to get surgery since it was beginning to interfere with my life. Two urethral slings were added to pull the neck of my bladder back into position to fix my incontinence," she said.

Ella, who acknowledged the fact that most mothers are embarrassed to talk about the issue, assured that they are not alone.

"I wanted to share my story as a support to mothers facing similar problem," she said.

The singer also admitted that while it has not always been easy being pregnant and giving birth, she really enjoyed being a mother for the past three years.

(Photo Source: ET Today)