Ella Chen develops Mummy Thumb from holding baby

19 Jun - Ella Chen recently assured that there is nothing too serious about her wrapped wrist, saying that she was recently diagnosed with De Quervain's tenosynovitis, which occurs when the two tendons around the base of a thumb become swollen.

According to CNA, the singer who shared a photo of her hand in a wrist support, wrote online, "The famed 'mummy thumb'. But to people like me, the baby is so cute that you can't help but to not put them down. [Give me a thumbs up] if you agree."

Ella revealed that she developed the condition, which is also known as "Mummy Thumb" after spending too much time picking up and holding his son.

Fans and friends who read the post also commented that there will be a lot of other ailments that comes with having a baby, including shoulder ache, low-back pain, loss of sleep, and many others.

Ella gave birth to her first son back in April this year.

(Photo Source: Ella Chen Facebook)