Ella Balinska experienced 'full circle' moment wearing Kurt Geiger boots in Charlie's Angels

Ella Balinska

Ella Balinska had a "full circle" moment when she wore Kurt Geiger boots in Charlie's Angels.

The 23-year-old previously worked for the British footwear brand at their outlet inside upscale department store Selfridges in London before landing the role as Jane Kano in Elizabeth Banks' reboot of the all-female action comedy last year.

While working at the company, she was gifted a pair of Sting boots, $129 ($99), and immediately thought of the footwear during meetings with the Charlie's Angels costume designers.

"I remembered them as the most comfortable boots I had ever worn, so when I had a meeting with our costume designer, she was asking me what I’d want to wear during all these fight scenes and I immediately thought of those boots because Jane is ex-MI6," the actress explained to WWD. "When you’re doing all the training and drills, you normally do those in boots, so I thought that’s what she’d be comfortable in. They ended up being my character’s hero party boots.”

Ella, who was recently named an ambassador for Kurt Geiger, touchingly recalled the times when her co-workers at the footwear brand used to help her with her lines while in the stockroom.

"Working with Kurt Geiger was really close to my heart. I got that call and I was, like, ‘Man, now that’s full circle.’ The most important thing to me was bringing it back home, hosting this screening at Selfridges and having everyone who worked with me and was with me on my journey," she added.

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