Elizabeth Hurley credits 'manual labour' for her stunning figure

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley stays fit and healthy in her fifties by doing "manual labour".

The Bedazzled beauty is known for showing off her fantastic figure in bikini snaps on social media, but she has insisted her toned physique has nothing to do with hitting the gym - and is instead the result of performing all kinds of chores inside and outside the house.

"To be honest, I don't do any exercise, per se, but I'm extremely active, because for me, I've always found when you look around, the best bodies are on manual labourers," she explained to U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.

"I use a chainsaw, I use a hedge trimmer," the 54-year-old said. "You burn a ton of calories, and you're using everything (every muscle in your body), and you've cut the hedge, so I recommend people just being more active: run up the stairs a lot, never take the elevator!"

Elizabeth's comments come as her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant revealed she was shunned by designers when trying to find a dress for the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral back in 1994.

The actress ultimately wore one of the most iconic red carpet looks of all time – a daring black Versace gown held together with oversized gold safety pins – but Hugh told a new BBC documentary that the dress was loaned to her at the last minute.

"Poor Elizabeth rang some top designers and they all said: 'No, who are you?' or 'No, we're not lending you anything.' Then Versace said: 'Yes, we'll lend you a dress', and they just sent one round which is that one with the safety pins," the 59-year-old told A Life on Screen, which focused on his career. "So she shoved it on and I raised my eyebrows a fraction and we set off."

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