Elisse Joson learns a lot from solo projects

11 Oct – Elisse Joson recently admitted that she is learning a lot from doing solo projects that can't be gained from being in a love team.

As reported on Push, the actress who has been on a break from her love team with McCoy de Leon since the middle of this year, stated that there is a benefit from having to do her own projects in that she is able to realise her own capabilities.

"We have to test our own ability, where we are, and where we can be. And I think that's really important for our growth," she said.

At the same time, she is thankful that the McLisse fans are not giving up on their love team and being understanding about their needs to try their hands on solo projects.

However, despite it being quite a while since she and de Leon saw each other due to their hectic schedule, the actress assured that they still have a new movie coming out - a project helmed by "I'm Drunk, I Love You" director, JP Habac.

(Photo Source: Elisse Joson Instagram)