Elevate your charcuterie board game with these easy (and cheesy) hacks

The charcuterie board craze may have slowed, but cheese is always a favorite when serving guests, so influencer Natalie Eberhart (@nat.eberhart) has a tip for prepping a cheese board with easy-to-identify labels.

The secret? Use the labels the cheese came in originally.

In a TikTok that’s been viewed almost 637,000 times, Eberhart shares how to use scissors, a toothpick and a small piece of tape to make instant labels for any cheese being served.

“Then it’s a cute label so everyone knows what kind of cheese is,” she describes.

How to make a charcuterie board cheese label

Eberhart’s process for making a cheese label for a charcuterie board couldn’t be more simple and involves only three steps:

  1. Keep the packaging the cheese came in and peel the label off the plastic.

  2. Cut any nutritional info off the label.

  3. Tape a toothpick to the back and stick the label into your cheese.

“Wow! So simple and genius”! marveled @snow_in_trouble.

“Love this bc my man is allergic to Swiss cheese!” commented @ambiesnazzy.

“I do that but to elevate it I get little gold place cards and stick it against it so it pops”! added @ljredsox.

Many commenters were wowed by the hack, although some did issue warnings about utilizing Eberhart’s method.

“But then everyone will know I shop at aldi,” protested @maybeitwasutah.

“I did that once and someone use the toothpick to eat the cheese with,” said @gingerpowerinfw.

Charcuterie board hacks

TikTok is also full of other hacks that can be used to level up cheese board presentations.

For instance, Monica Moyer (@monicamoyer27405) details how to transform meat into a rose using a shot glass and careful layering.

“Key is, meat cant be too cold or it wont stay put,” @letspartyfotobooth pointed out.

“I tried it and it’s super easy, thank you,” added @candy.1018.

Chef Davy Devaux (@makesushi1) also shares an idea to add heart-shaped grape skewers for a lovely touch to a charcuterie board.

By cutting individual grapes at a 45-degree angle, then reassembling them together in a heart shape and skewering together, Devaux demonstrates the “cute charcuterie board” edible decor.

And Torrie Laine (@charcutorrieboards) gets down to the basics with a tutorial on how to actually cut the different types of cheeses often used on cheeseboards.

“Thanks for teaching me how to properly cut the cheese,” noted @emilyshoo41.

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