This electric battery allows you to drive more than 1200 km on a single charge

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Our Next Energy (ONE) installed a Gemini 001 battery on a Tesla Model S and managed to drive over 1200 km on a single charge.

American startup Our Next Energy has caused a stir by revealing that it has managed to travel more than 1,200 km in a Tesla Model S, exceptionally equipped with its brand new Gemini 001 battery. It hopes to be able to market its first products by the end of 2023.

ONE has achieved the feat of covering 752 miles, or the equivalent of nearly 1,210 km, on a single charge. This performance was achieved in Michigan, ONE's home state, with an average speed of 55 mph (or just over 88 km/h). Even better, on the test bench, the battery was even able to "drive" more than 1400 km on the same charge!

Called Gemini 001, this battery uses safer and more durable materials than those currently being used and uses less nickel and cobalt. The battery used for this test also contained manganese and graphite.

This experimental 203.7 KWh battery was tested on a Tesla Model S, a vehicle that offers enough space to house the battery. In the long term, the aim is to produce a whole series of batteries with about twice the range of the best batteries on the market today.

The symbolic bar of 1000 kilometers of autonomy is now the goal of many manufacturers. Just a few days ago, at CES 2022, Mercedes created a sensation with its new electric concept, the Vision EQXX , and its 1000 kilometers of autonomy. This is the new symbolic benchmark that manufacturers are trying to attain, with no cost spared in order to convince the general public to switch to all-electric vehicles.

Many companies and manufacturers are currently working on alternatives to the traditional lithium-ion battery. Chinese company GAC has even become the first manufacturer to market a model equipped with a battery based on graphene , extracted from graphite, itself derived from carbon. Its main advantage is that it is faster to charge, but also more resistant and therefore less prone to wear.

Watch a video of these tests:

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