Elderly Japanese man caught on camera flicking pubic hair on woman in train

Japanese trains are known for their efficiency and punctuality. The train staff are also often noted for their positive working attitude such as cleaning the train in just 7 minutes and even helping to push commuters into packed trains.

As much as Japanese trains are amazing, cases of sexual harassment are often reported as well. But this video of an elderly man pulling out pubic hairs from his crotch and flicking them on the head of the woman sleeping beside him just takes harassment to a whole new jaw-dropping level.

While most Twitter users found this act truly disturbing, with comments like “Too disgusting, I feel like throwing up… Poor lady,” “Is this not a crime? Disgusting,” and “Not just pervert, this is too dirty,” there are some who decided to spice things up with “pubic hair bae”.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are Twitter users who found the act funny, or thought it could be an interesting gag. Others concluded that, precisely because some unethical people saw this as a gag and laughed it off like it was nothing, the number of perverts doesn’t seem to be dwindling.

This tweet by @momo773716 has since generated a lot of heated response, with over 55,000 retweets and almost 70,000 likes. Twitter users have also quoted Tokyo’s law on nuisance prevention and a previous case of an elderly man apprehended for showing his nipples, all in hopes of delivering some justice to the innocent woman.

Although @momo773716 clarified that this video was from YouTube, implying that he did not record it, what is more appalling is how no one — not even the person who filmed it — stopped the elderly man from his disgusting act.

But which is more disturbing, really? The elderly man who flicked his pubic hair on others, or the witness(es) who chose to do nothing?

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