Elanne Kong's dream come true working with Adam Cheng

12 Jul – Hong Kong actress Elanne Kong recently admitted that she was excited to be given the opportunity to work with veteran star Adam Cheng.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at the production ceremony for ViuTV's "Psycho Detective", shared that it has always been her dream of working with Adam since she was a big fan of his 1992 drama, "The Greed of Man".

"This time, I play the role of Adam's daughter. I fancy myself to be Loretta Lee," she said jokingly, referring to the actress who played the role of Fong Ting - daughter of Adam's rival in the said classic drama.

However, while she is playing Adam's daughter in the new drama, Elanne said that her character has a love-hate relationship with her father.

"It's not a warm relationship between a father and a daughter. I was worried that it will be very challenging to do, and was pressured to do well. But I have done my homework," she said.

On the other hand, when asked if she is not worried about bringing bad luck to her marriage by filming a supernatural drama, Elanne, who is engaged to be married to Oscar Siu, said that she doesn't believe in such a thing.

(Photo Source: Elanne Kong Instagram)