Elaine Ng promises to try and be a good mother

19 Jun - Elaine Ng recently admitted that she is making an effort to attend counseling in order to be the best mother for daughter, Etta.

As reported on Mingpao, the former Miss Asia whose daughter was discharged from the hospital two months after she was first admitted, blamed herself for what went wrong saying that coming from a single family herself made her oblivious to how different it was for Etta.

She shared that now that they are back under one roof, she has been spending more time with Etta and apologised to the 17-year-old for her previous neglect.

"The problem with Etta had been accumulated over time before she finally burst. Fortunately, Etta's condition was detected early and it was not serious," said Elaine, though she refused to actually explain what actually happened behind closed doors.

The radio personality also hopes to rebuild their relationship through time and to set an example for her daughter. Elaine shared that she had since stopped drinking and has now learned to let Etta have some space.

"She will turn 18 this year. I will not meddle in her interaction with her friends and trust her to be safe," she said.

Elaine also admitted that Etta has expressed her concern about returning to school, and decided that her daughter will be home-schooled until the end of the school year. They will discuss about college afterwards.

(Photo Source: hk.on.cc)