Elaine Ng: I have learned to numb my feelings

6 Dec – Amid the news of daughter Etta's marriage and the release of ex-lover Jackie Chan's autobiography, Elaine Ng took to social media to share her thoughts about her own life.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has been filming a new ViuTV drama recently, posted a photo from her set, writing, "From the moment I became a sensible person, I am used to show no feelings at all. People laughed at my mother, "You and your husband are divorced, yet you need to take care of a child that looks exactly like your husband, you are so miserable." My dad's surname is Ng, was I wrong?"

"I have heard people's ugly words since I was young. Since the age of ten, I have learned to numb it down," she added.

Elaine, who then experienced the same abandonment and raised her child on her own, stated that she never thought her daughter would have a different personality than herself.

"My biggest job every day is to make my daughter happy. Other things don't matter. Thank you, God. I am grateful for every day," she said.

It was just recently that Jackie released the English version of his 2015 autobiography, where he spoke about his dark past. While he did mention an affair, Jackie didn't name Elaine nor made any remarks about their love child Etta.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)