The Effects Of Cycling, Wearing Briefs And Handphones On A Man’s Sperm Health

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Sperm health is not the most comfortable topic for small talk, even among men. While it may be an awkward subject to discuss in most situations, knowing more about men’s sperm health is still important for their wellbeing, especially for those planning to have kids in the future.

It is especially crucial today to stay on guard about your sperm health for experts have found a decline in sperm count across the world. There are even daily activities that men may not be aware of just how much it affects their sperm count. To make sure you keep your precious family jewels unharmed, here are a few things to you should know and how you can help yourself avoid infertility

Boxers Or Briefs?

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According to studies, it’s better to give your lower area a bit more air to breathe why is why boxers are much more preferable to wear than briefs.  

Wearing tight-fitting clothes such as briefs could only do more harm than good for your sperm health for this would only leave your private area at a higher temperature than it should be in. A male’s testes should be at a temperature lower than the core body temperature as “they were made to be out in the breeze,” said Celia E. Dominguez, reproductive endocrinologist, Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine.

If a male wears constraining briefs, this could overheat his testes and reduce sperm production. 

So, if you and your wife have been actively trying to conceive, wearing boxers could improve sperm count and have those little swimmers keep swimming.


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While cycling may be a good exercise for a man’s overall health, it may actually be bad for your lower region. A study shared on BBC found that frequent exercise had no effect on sperm production, but men who cycled a lot had lower sperm count than normal. 

This may be because sitting on a bicycle seat could compress a man’s lower region, affecting penile erections as said by Dr Ronny Tan, a consultant urologist and andrologist with Advanced Urology Associates, on CNA. 

He also added, “Men who do long-distance cycling may experience numbness of the penis. Some men may also experience erectile dysfunction due to injury to the nerve and the blood vessels within the canal.”

Risks Of Smoking, Drinking And Handphone Usage

how to keep sperm healthy
how to keep sperm healthy

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Habits die hard, but when you’re willing to give up a few to conceive, you might want to start quitting a few vices. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and handphone usage has been found to have significant effects on a man’s sperm health. 

  • Smoking

Smoking should already be avoided when planning to have an addition to your family with how dangerous it is known to be for pregnant women and kids, most especially now that it may also affect sperm count and sperm growth. A study from BMC Public Health has found that regular tobacco smoking could decrease sperm count and even cause morphological defects on the sperm’s head, neck and tail. 

  • Drinking

If you’re planning to extend your family, it may be time to ease down on the alcohol. Healthline reported that too much drinking could lead to negative effects for your sperm count. This includes lower testosterone levels and gonadotropin changes, which could reduce sperm reduction. It may also lead to impotence or infertility due to the testes shrinking and early or decreased ejaculation.

  • Mobile Phone Usage

Studies have suggested that mobile phone radiation may affect a male’s sperm quality. Handphone usage has been said to correlate with DNA-fragmentation level and decreased sperm motility. While it seems almost impossible to live in this current generation without your handphone or Wi-fi connection, men may want to lessen their scrolling time when wanting to conceive.

Best Types Of Food For Healthy Sperm

how to keep sperm healthy
how to keep sperm healthy

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A healthy body naturally means healthy sperm. So try switching up your diet with several foods that are said to be good sperm boosters such as vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, cereals and low-fat dairy products. 

Supplements that could improve sperm quality include selenium, zinc, L-carnitine, L-arginine and coenzyme Q10. You may also try Vitamins A, C and E for healthy sperm production. 

If you and the Mrs. are really trying to conceive at the moment, it would be best to avoid foods that are full-fat dairy products and beverages high on sugar, including coffee. 


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