EEG condemns Simon Yam's assailant for stabbing attack

22 Jul – Simon Yam's management company has recently released a statement condemning the culprit who physically harmed the actor at a recent event in Zhongshan.

As reported on Singtao, in a statement released to the media, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) vowed to ensure that the perpetrator would be prosecuted for stabbing Simon, stating that the company was extremely shocked by the incident.

"It is reported that the suspect was subdued on the spot and submitted to the local public security department for investigation. The company relies on the police to find out the truth of the case as soon as possible and bring the relevant criminals to justice," the statement read.

EEG also assured that Simon has successfully underwent surgery and is recovering in stable condition, adding that the actor suffered a three-centimetre deep knife wound that slightly penetrated his internal organs.

He also sustained wounds to the fingers of his right hand due to his attempt to block the attack when it happened.

On 20 July, Simon was attacked by an unknown assailant while on stage at the launch of EasyHome's new branch store in Zhongshan. Despite the injury, the actor was able to direct his crew to take him to the hospital, and even asked for help on social media.

Following his treatment at a Zhongshan hospital, Simon was transferred to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital in Happy Valley. The 64-year-old actor was accompanied by wife Qi Qi and daughter Ella.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)