Edwin Siu hopes his version of Ji Gong will bring smiles to everyone

13 Mar – Edwin Siu recently expressed elation over the chance to play the iconic folklore hero, Ji Gong in the new series, "A Smile Across the Mortal World".

As reported on On CC, the actor, who spoke to the media about his new drama, shared that he hopes his version of the Chan Buddhist monk with supernatural powers would be able to spread positive energy to everybody, especially during this tough times.

"Ji Gong is the best at spreading optimism. I hope that the situation in Hong Kong has improved in the time that it takes to film this series. Hopefully we will not be facing the coronavirus again," he said.

Asked about being partnered with Roxanne, whom he worked with in "Birth of a Hero", Edwin said that the actress is a really good partner.

"She has own style of humour. Hopefully we will be able to show off even more chemistry in this comedy series," he said.

The upcoming drama also co-stars Sammy Shum, who hadn't filmed any dramas with TVB since leaving the company in 2016.

(Photo Source: On CC)