Edward Norton landed Primal Fear audition with fax message

Edward Norton

Edward Norton has a fax message to thank for landing him an audition for his breakthrough movie role in Primal Fear.

The Fight Club star recalled using the antiquated method of communication at the 35th Annual Artios Awards on Thursday night, when he saluted casting director Deborah Aquila and presented her with the Hoyt Bowers Award for Excellence in Casting.

"I sent a fax to her at Paramount. Dating myself," Norton quipped. "Trying to desperately say..., 'You saw me for this animated short in front of an independent at Sundance (Film Festival)' - or something like that - 'and I'd love to get in (for an audition).'"

"(Aquila) responded to it. I got that audition," the actor smiled. "She was seeing thousands and thousands of people for that part."

Norton went on to share how down to earth he found Aquila when they met in the audition room, and how her behaviour allowed him to get really stuck into the part.

"When I went in to audition for Primal Fear, I asked if I could come into the room," he said. "Then, Deb came into the room, and I was sitting on the floor by the couch in the scene in the prison cell.

"Deb took a look at me and grasped that I didn't want to chat, that I just wanted to get into it. She came over, pushed the table aside, and sat down on the floor with me. I looked at her and realised, 'There is no assistant; she doesn't have a script in her hand. She's sitting down to do the scene with me. So, let's go.' And she did."

Norton went on to star in the 1996 legal drama, landing him an Oscar nomination for the role of Aaron Stampler, an altar boy accused of murder, which was originally turned down by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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