The Editor’s Market’s Cafe Found launches new daily Lunch and Dinner menu

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Did you know there is a cafe within The Editor’s Market? Cafe Found, located in Takashimaya, used to only offer a wide variety of bakes, ranging from Pumpkin Cheese Focaccia to Flourless Chocolate Cake. They have just launched a new daily Lunch and Dinner menu, so now one has an excuse to spend a whole day within the establishment.

While coffee and pastries are available from 10am to 9.30pm, their lunch and dinner menu is only available from 12pm to 8.30pm.

A picture of Cauliflower Ajo Blanco, and Burrata with roasted grapes

The Cauliflower Ajo Blanco (S$10) is a Spanish-inspired dish where lightly charred cauliflower is served on a bed of ajo blanco sauce with pomegranate and citrus. Not only is it a vegan and vegetarian-friendly appetiser, it is also a flavour bomb.

The Burrata with Roasted Grapes (S$20) stood out to me, as I had never seen grapes paired together with burrata cheese before, let alone roasted grapes. With basil herb oil drizzled all over the Italian Artigiana burrata, it is a welcomed twist on a classic dish.

A picture of mussels, and Spatchcock Chicken

Cafe Found also does pretty decent mains.

The Mussels (S$19) is served with a side of toasted sourdough bread and cream. The mussels, hailing from Chile, is doused in an umami miso broth, and the lightly toasted sourdough bread will soak up all the good juices from the mussels, leaving one satiated.

Lastly, the Spatchcock Chicken (S$22) has slowly started to gain traction with customers, for a good reason. It is composed of French corn-fed chicken, served whole and butterflied in a caramelised lemon dressing, and is marinated with numerous herb and spices, including thyme, shallots and black pepper. It sounds absolutely divine, and a whole chicken at S$22 sounds like a great bang for one’s buck.

Shopping till you drop will now be a thing of the past with the cafe’s food being able to fuel one up. As a fan of The Editor’s Market, I will be dining at Cafe Found soon!

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