Edison Chen's new tee hints at Shawn Yue's sweater controversy?

6 Mar – Netizens are speculating that Edison Chen is "throwing shade" at rival Shawn Yue through one of the new items sold by his label JUICE.

As reported on HK01, earlier this week Shawn posted an apology on social media after mainland netizens accused him of supporting the Hong Kong protests. This was stemmed from one of the sweaters released by his brand MADNESS bearing the design of two hands - one showing five fingers and the other one finger - which they claimed to be similar to the Hong Kong independence movement's slogan of "5 demands, not 1 less".

Shawn had since clarified that the image was just symbolising his own moniker "Uncle Six", which comes from his Cantonese name, Yue Man Lok.

Soon after, Edison came out with several new items from the label WHO DECIDES WAR, which would be selling at JUICE's outlets. One of these items include a white short-sleeved tee printed with a stop sign and the number 666. The front of the tee is an image of a hand reaching to a girl, and the words, "What happened to your hand?" written above it.

Although the actor said nothing about the said tee, some netizens took to the comments and asked if he was indeed criticising Shawn through the said design.

(Photo Source: hk01)