Edison Chen and Kris Wu end beef at Lakers game

12 Mar – Rumours are rife that Edison Chen and Kris Wu may have finally ended the conflict between the two of them.

As reported on HK01, a fan of Kris recently posted a video on Instagram of Edison and Kris communicating with each other at a Lakers game in Los Angeles on 9 March.

Although the video was recorded from afar and viewers can't hear what they were talking about, Edison can be seen saying something passionately while Kris nodded and shook his head in response – sparking speculations that the two might have just ended their rift after all.

It is noted that the issue between the two sparked in September last year, when Edison sparked speculations by posting online, "Money can't buy you fame, all it does is buy you shame. What [happened] to this hip-hop game. I dare you call out my name. [Give me] reason to show everyone you lame. [expletives] dropping names, dancing with make-up make me think you a dame. Stupid [expletive] get in lane. Come, test me, you must be insane."

It was then speculated that Edison was insulting the reality show, "Rap of China", after the show's director posted in response - without referring to Edison - that they "don't want to use you, won't use you, will never use you."

When a netizen commented that Edison was no better than Kris, who was also a part of the show, he responded, "I agree. He's better at posing and telling lies than me."

(Photo Source: ET Today)