Edison Chen: COVID-19 is not Chinese!

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

30 Mar – Edison Chen was the latest star to express his frustration over the racism against the Chinese over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The actor-turned-entrepreneur posted an image that bore repeated words "COVID-19 ISN'T CHINESE" on Instagram, and wrote in all-caps, "COVID-19 is a global problem, so [shut up] and stop being racist."

His words received a lot of support from followers, including Australian photographer Russell James, who wrote, "Racism is hate trying to find a reason. Unlike so many of the big social problems we face today, the frustration of racism is we could solve it by simply choosing not to be. We will get far more done together without it. And have a whole lot more fun and a better world because of it."

Last week, it was actress Fala Chen who expressed her ire over the racism that was drummed up by US President Donald Trump, who refused to use the official name of the pandemic and instead opted to call it China Virus.

(Photo Source: Edison Chen Instagram)