Edie Campbell still can't believe she was deemed 'too fat' for fashion show

Edie Campbell

Edie Campbell was "absolutely fuming" when she was told she was "too fat" to open a show at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year.

The British model, who is a U.S. size two (U.K. size six), revealed on Instagram in February that she had been set to open for a label, but they decided she was "too fat" to open their show.

Opening up about the incident with Britain's The Guardian, the 29-year-old, who walked for brands such as Fendi and Alberta Ferretti during that Milan Fashion Week, said she was "incensed" her agent only heard the news through word-of-mouth gossip.

"I was absolutely fuming to be told by a brand that I was 'too fat' to open this year's Milan Fashion Week. A chain of Chinese whispers got back to my agent, who had to call and tell me that, 'It had been a little bit difficult in the fitting' and 'You're a little bit bigger than you were last year.' I was incensed that I had to find out that way," she recalled.

At the time, Campbell revealed the news by sharing a picture of her and her friend, artist Christabel MacGreevy, eating pastries for breakfast in a hotel room.

"When a brand says you are 'too big' to open their show so you get round @christabitch to have a slap up brekkie," the model wrote. "By 'too big' I don't mean 'too famous' I mean Too Fat."

Elsewhere in the interview, the catwalk star admitted modelling had its challenges.

"Modelling is hard and strange in slippery ways. Being put in front of a camera and told to be sexy can be cringe-worthy - until you've worked it out," she explained. "Quite often you're standing in front of the camera and someone will say, 'Can you dance?' and you're the only person in the room dancing. It's mortifying."

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