Eddie Cheung surprised by news of pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan

6 Jan – Eddie Cheung recently expressed his surprise over the news about the pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, having been there a few days prior and seeing no such brouhaha in the city itself.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who saw several staff members and reporters putting on masks at the promotional event of his new drama, "Of Greed and Ants", stated that he had just come home to Hong Kong from Wuhan via Shenzhen and didn't seem to have contracted anything while in the city.

"If I did get infected with anything, I'm sure I would be uncomfortable right now. I have no intention to keep away from people," he said.

Eddie stated that he saw nobody wearing masks or any kind of disinfectant when he was in Wuhan, and that the locals told him that there was nothing wrong.

"I think if it was as serious as it was reported, there would probably some preventive measures taken already. But I saw none," he added.

More than 40 cases of pneumonia in Wuhan have been confirmed since Friday, sparking rumours that it could be linked to a more dire disease like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Its health commission has been investigating the cause of the outbreak and ruled out several sources of infection like avian flu and influenza.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)