Eddie Cheung plays a different kind of role in "New World"

15 Jan – Eddie Cheung is excited about his upcoming new movie, "New World", as he believes it would be different from his past projects.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who will be working with director Danny Pang for the third time through this new project, shared that the character he plays in the film will completely subvert expectations - though he declined to elaborate more on it.

"This time, it is not about right or wrong. It will be something fresh," he added.

Eddie also revealed that Danny actually asked him to build his muscles for the role, but that he wasn't able to do it in time due to his hectic schedule.

"He wanted a six-pack, but it's only been up to four for now," he added, jokingly.

The movie also marks a rare cooperation between Eddie and Francis Ng, though they will not have a lot of scenes together.

"My main scenes are with Wallace Chung and Myolie Wu. The script is still being modified, so I hope the director will add more scenes for me and Francis," he said.

The upcoming movie will begin filming next month.

(Photo Source: Sina Weibo)