Edan and Keung To of Mirror deny rumours of discord within group

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  • Keung To
    Hong Kong male singer and actor
HONG KONG, CHINA - MARCH 27: Members of boy group Mirror attend the press conference for Mirror
Keung To (centre) and Edan (not in photo), members of boy band Mirror, have responded to rumours that Edan bullied Keung To. In this pic, Mirror was at the press conference for Mirror "One & All" Live 2021 on March 27, 2021 in Hong Kong. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Known for their united front as a group, rumours that there is internal discord within popular Hong Kong boy band Mirror started spreading yesterday (26 Aug), with allegations that member Edan Lui was bullying the group’s most popular member, Keung To, and that Edan had pointed his middle finger at Keung To. However, the two singers later said that they were simply playing with each other.

In a circulated video of Mirror filming for an advertisement, a guy in a white shirt with his back facing the camera first gave two thumbs-up to get Keung To’s attention before pointing a middle finger at him twice. Keung To’s look of shock was captured in the video. While the video was unable to capture the white shirt man’s face, keen-eyed netizens were able to find similarities between his outfit and Edan’s outfit from the advertisement’s stills.

Attending an event last night (26 Aug), Edan and Keung To both appeared to have fun together with no outward tension. Responding to the allegations, the members both denied the bullying accusations, stating that they were just playing with each other as they are good friends. However, Edan admitted that pointing the middle finger was inappropriate and said that “We were just playing freely between guys and did not pay attention to the camera filming. Also, if you have paid attention to me, you will know we are good friends.”

It's really nothing. Boys will crack jokes with each other. We did not know it would be shown on camera and will pay more attention in the future.Keung To

Responding to the media, Keung To echoed Edan’s reply, saying that the duo was merely joking around with each other. "It's really nothing. Boys will crack jokes with each other. We did not know it would be shown on camera and will pay more attention in the future,” he said.

The Cantopop group Mirror was formed through ViuTV’s reality talent show, Good Night Show - King Maker. The 12-member band quickly became a household name in Hong Kong, winning numerous accolades ever since. Mirror’s 2021 single “Warrior” topped the Ultimate 903 Chart for two weeks, breaking a 15-year record.

Since the group’s debut three years ago, Mirror has enjoyed unbeatable popularity in Hong Kong, endorsing a wide variety of products and services including brands such as McDonald’s and Coca Cola. The 12 members have always maintained that the team is united as one even though they each have different developments for their solo works.

It is, however, challenging for such a popular group to be free of disagreements and scandals. During their early days, there was an incident where Anson Kong was seen with a grumpy face at a music awards ceremony, and a rumour that member Ian was unable to fit into the team due to his introverted personality. Thankfully, Kong resolved the incident with member Jer, and Ian managed to fit perfectly with the team after getting to know the other 11 members better.

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