Ed Sheeran voted as having the most relatable celebrity body

Caroline Allen
The singer's body was voted most relatable celebrity body. [Photo: Getty]
The singer's body was voted most relatable celebrity body. [Photo: Getty]

Ed Sheeran has been voted as having the most relatable celebrity body by British men.

The singer beat out the likes of James Corden, Danny Dyer and Leonardo DiCaprio to reach the top spot.

The ‘dad bod’ continues to be one of the more attractive body types amongst women.

Two thirds of women in a recent poll by Scribbler said they were attracted to the slim-but-not-toned type of body shape.

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Here are the top 10 most relatable celebrity bodies according to men in the UK:

  1. Ed Sheeran

  2. James Corden

  3. Danny Dyer

  4. Leo Dicaprio

  5. Seth Rogan

  6. Ross Kemp

  7. Vince Vaughn

  8. Chris Pratt

  9. Homer Simpson

  10. Brian Cox

All 9 celebrities - and a fictional character, Homer Simpson, have what would be categorised as ‘dad bods’.

A dad bod is a body that is relatively slim but not lean or toned.

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Contrary to the name, though, you don’t have to be a dad to possess the body of one.

The name derived from people trying to explain the middle ground between a muscular physique and an overweight one.

The research also found that men felt under pressure to look a certain way.

British men think they see too many six packs, sculpted arms and perfect features in the media.

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Opting for more of a realistic view of what men’s bodies look like, men said they’d rather see less ripped men with rounded stomaches and love handles.

The poll asked 1,005 men from aged 16-55+ about their body image and whether it’s positive or negative.

In the summer months, there’s a huge spike in searches online for ‘Dad bod’ according to Scribbler.

In fact, since last year the term has seen a whopping 45 per cent rise in searches.

Long live the dad bod!

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