Eckhaus Latta and UGG renew their partnership for 2020

Eckhaus Latta and UGG have unveiled the results of its Summer 2020 collaboration

Following the success of their first collaboration in the Fall of 2019, Eckhaus Latta and UGG are at it again for Summer 2020 with a collection of eight pairs of shoes. The designs were unveiled Eckhaus Latta's New York Fashion Week on September 10.

You don't change a winning team: Eckhaus Latta and UGG have been working together again for Summer 2020. But might UGG footwear, which is known first and foremost as cozy fur-lined boots, transition to summer with grace? Let's hear it from brand co-founder Mike Eckhaus himself: "I think most people in America can remember that time when [UGGs] were just randomly everywhere. I'm from like a surf town, so they were the coolest thing someone could be wearing for the majority of my upbringing. And then they became a mass cultural thing."

All the models walking in the Eckhaus Latta NYFW show on September 10 were wearing shoes designed by the UGG creative team in collaboration with Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, and the quite summer-ready creations, which should be available in a few months, definitely created a buzz.

"UGG has so many capabilities, and they do produce so many different kinds of shoes, even though the UGG boot might be what they're famous for," Latta added. "All of their offerings are pretty diverse, and so going into sandals or clogs or heels is something they've already done. We're not inventing that wheel for them. It's just a platform for us to do a lot of different exploration."

The collection is composed of eight pairs of square-toe shoes -- five that are exclusively for women alongside three unisex models, including laced wooden sandals, two pairs of sneakers, and western-influenced shoes.