Eat Makhana Regularly To Reduce Weight

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Now-a-days, everyone aspires to become a healthy person and have a fit body. People follow diet-plans, do work-outs in gyms and also perform yoga at home for getting a healthy body and attain fitness. However, due to busy lifestyles many people also eat junk food leading to an increase in their weight. Experts believe that nearly 70 percent people in the world become obese due to their wrong eating habits. To reduce weight and maintain a healthy body, it’s important to keep an eye on your calorie intake.

Makhana or fox-nuts, instead of high-calorie snacks, can be a good option to maintain an ideal weight. According to health experts, makhana not only helps to keep weight under control but also it protects from many diseases.

Fox-nuts contain a rich amount of fiber. After consuming them you do not feel hungry for a long time and hence you will avoid overeating. Fox-nuts have negligible amounts of calories and hence you do not have to work hard to burn calories.

The protein present in fox-nuts also helps a person to reduce his/her weight.

Here are the benefits of eating Makhana regularly.

– Apart from protein and fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus are found in makahana. These elements protect us from many diseases and also make our bones healthy and strong.

– Makhana also contains magnesium, which improves the flexibility of muscles and also ensures the proper functioning of nerves.

— Antioxidants are also found in abundance in makhana which protects a human being against heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Makhana also cures arthritis.

– The consumption of makhana also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels under control.

– Makhana also has anti-aging properties. The regular consumption maintains the glow of the skin. It also helps in fighting pimples and wrinkles.

– Cholesterol level of the body also remained controlled by the consumption of makhana.

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