Find an EasyJet flight by simple voice command

Currently presenting at London's World Aviation Festival through Friday, September 6, the low-cost airline has added a new tool to its mobile application, which allows for tickets to be reserved by voice command. 

Is voice command the technological advancement that all airlines will have to pick up in coming years? EasyJet claims to be the first to put an intuitive system in place that will handle destinations, departure dates, and airports via spoken words. Called "Speak Now," the feature relies on a natural language comprehension tool from Google Cloud and has already been added to the airline's mobile app. It's an advance for travelers pressed for time as well as those with visual deficiencies. EasyJet has specified that voice command will first be available in English on iOS in coming weeks.

EasyJet already offers unconventional ways to book air travel on its planes. Last year the British carrier launched a service called "Look&Book" to reserve flights... via Instagram.

EasyJet's app has been downloaded more than 30 million times and was used in the reservation of one million tickets in 2019.