Some easy to grow, low maintenance plants for beginners

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Some easy to grow, low maintenance plants for beginners
Some easy to grow, low maintenance plants for beginners

17 Sep 2021: Some easy to grow, low maintenance plants for beginners

Let's admit, plants uplift our mood, but due to space constraints, difficulty in maintenance, and/or the high price of saplings, many of us refrain from growing greens indoors. But what if you could grow a few plants at home, which are economical, beneficial for your health, and also require little upkeep? Here, we suggest you some easy-to-care home plants, if you are a beginner.

Common plant: Aglaonema 'Snow White' plant is easy to grow

Aglaonema "Snow White" is a common plant, which you can spot in most gardens, homes, and offices. Unlike many others, this cost-effective plant is easy to grow and even indirect sunlight exposure is sufficient for its growth. You can place it in a small pot filled with well-draining soil, which doesn't hold onto the water for long. Ensure the pot has a drain hole.

Indoor plants: Pothos, snake plant, and aloe vera are good indoor plants

People living in apartments/flats often feel there is not much space to grow a full garden. In this case, indoor plants like pothos, Boston fern, snake plant, and aloe vera can be grown as these don't take much space or time and yet uplift your mood and health. Further, these plants also possess various beneficial properties such as air purification, humidification, and removing pollutants.

Easy growth: Oxycardium plant: Easy to grow, heart-shaped leaves, releases oxygen

Philodendron hederaceum/oxycardium is a beautiful plant that has heart-shaped leaves. Said to be an ornamental plant, oxycardium is an uncomplicated green. It just requires garden soil, vermicompost (product of decomposition process using worms) or cocopeat (natural fiber created using coconut husks) and medium to bright indirect light. Low light works, too. Since its leaves are wide, oxygen released by the plant is more.

Tall plants: For medium-sized indoor plants, choose Majesty Palm or Parlor Palm

If you are thinking of growing medium-sized/tall plants at home, choose Majesty Palm. It grows up to 10ft tall and requires bright indirect or direct light. If you water it every one or two weeks, when the soil dries up (not completely), it's enough. Parlor Palm is another medium-sized plant that is low-maintenance. What's more, both of these are non-toxic and pet-friendly plants.

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