Easy, Fun Reads for the Weekend

Pile on the books and the chips for some happy weekend reading
Pile on the books and the chips for some happy weekend reading

With the stress of the workweek out of the way, settle down with one (or two or three!) of these light, easy reads.

1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
When you first meet Lincoln O’Neill, you get the impression that he’s a loser. His job definitely sucks. He reads company emails and flags them if the writers use taboo words.

Then one day, he comes across the email exchanges of two girls. He cannot bring himself to put a stop to their often irreverent and hilarious messages because he’s not just emotionally involved in their lives, he has found himself hopelessly in love with one of them.

But how can he tell her that his love story began because he was spying on her? A page-turner that you can’t wait to finish but at the same time won’t want to end, Attachments will make your heart melt over and over again.

2. Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
Kate has just woken up from a year of being asleep. The day she woke up, her daughter Devon rejoiced. They were finally going to be okay.

But things had happened while Kate was asleep. Her mother in law had made arrangements for them to move in with her and, much to Kate’s dismay, was doing her best to rein in Devon’s free spirit. But Kate was awake now. And she too had some of that free spirit in her.

Finding a 15-year-old postcard from her aunt Eby inviting her to return to a place called Lost Lake, Kate takes Devon on a magical trip that changes everyone’s lives.

3. Vintage by Susan Gloss
There is a certain kind of woman who is drawn into a vintage clothing store. Violet knows this because she owns Hourglass Vintage, but when she meets pregnant, 18-year-old April and miserable Amithi, things begin to change.

Violet finds out she will most likely lose her store unless she can buy the development at an exorbitant price; April’s boyfriend cancels their wedding without telling her; and Amithi finds out after years of being married to her husband (who took her away from her homeland in India) that he was cheating on her all this time.

Unlikely friends, these three women form a bond to save Violet’s vintage store. And together, they discover that even if it seems like the end, there is still so much more to life—just like a discarded dress turned vintage prize.

Vintage and The Good Luck of Right Now
Vintage and The Good Luck of Right Now

4. The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick
Bartholomew Neil is 38 years old and has never had to work or do anything for himself in all those years—because his mother always doted on him. But when she passes away, he realizes he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

He decides to write to Richard Gere, because his mom loved him and towards the end of her life, started calling him Richard. He tells Richard how life was like with his mom, how his parish priest goes a little crazy and decides to move in with him, and how he meets a foul-mouthed cat-obsessed guy and his sister, the girl at the library that he had been dreaming of meeting for ages.

Big Girl Panties
Big Girl Panties

Bartholomew realizes that despite being abandoned by the only person who has ever cared for him, he can still put together a life for himself and be happy.    

5.    Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich
Holly put on a lot of weight since her husband’s death, making her more miserable than ever. When Logan, a handsome, incredibly fit gym owner meets her for the first time, he cannot see past her weight. His kind heart, however, offers her his services at a fraction of the cost. He knows she can use his help. What he doesn’t know is how interesting she turns out to be and how attractive he finds her.

Holly, however, knows she has already fallen for Logan. But is this a feasible relationship given how different they are and how all of a sudden, because Logan sees her in another light, everything turns horribly complicated? A fun, sexy read, Big Girl Panties is about empowerment as well as love.