EastEnders shares tragic secret about Gina Knight's past

EastEnders spoilers follow.

has revealed a tragic secret about Gina Knight's past.

In Thursday's (October 26) EastEnders episode, Billy, Ben and Callum learned about Jay's car accident when the police arrive at The Vic. The police refuse to give them any details about whether he is alive as none of them are his next of kin.

Billy and Honey headed to the hospital while Ben and Callum head home to the youngsters. Will, Janet and Lexi sense something is wrong and while Ben and Callum try to maintain calm, they later tell Lexi the truth.

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Gina blames her dad George and the Mitchells for how they treated Jay before the accident. She rushes off with her mum Cindy to the hospital, but they discover it's the wrong one. The situation becomes too much and Gina opens up to her mom about a similar past experience and why she feels responsible for Jay.

"His name was Antonio," Gina said as she showed Cindy a photo of her former boyfriend, and said he died after taking drugs.

"One minute he was the centre of my universe, and then he wasn't," she said. "I blamed myself, I blamed myself a lot.

"I turned a blind eye, and that's why I was so determined not to do it with Jay. But that didn't work. He's probably dead too."

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At the hospital, Billy was worried when no one would tell him whether Jay was being treated there. He almost got thrown out by security before Callum stepped in. Later, the family gathered around an unconscious Jay's bedside and told him how much they love him.

"You're my son, you're the son that I chose," an emotional Billy said. "I'm begging you son, don't die. Please don't die."

Lexi and Ben spoke to him over the phone. Ben told him he forgave him. "I need you to know that you forgive me for everything I've said and done," he says. "I need you to live Jay, I need you by my side. I love you brother."

In upcoming episodes, Ben and Callum deal with the aftermath of Jay's accident and Lexi vows to stand by her stepdad.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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