EastEnders to revisit Ian and Alfie's friendship in big Beale family week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders will revisit Ian Beale and Alfie Moon's friendship upon the former's return to Walford.

Ian will return to Albert Square with ex-wife Cindy and son Peter next week, with the character notably worried about Cindy's connection with ex-husband George Knight, who they see walking out of The Vic.

Not wanting to infringe, Ian and Peter seek solace in the launderette, with the latter joining the dots as to why his father was so worried about Cindy returning to the area.

peter beale and ian beale in eastenders

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Peter later heads to The Vic to celebrate Anna's birthday, with Ian eventually following suit until he bumps into Sharon and Phil, who are full of hatred for him following his involvement in the death of their son Dennis.

Word soon spreads that the Beales have returned, with the family going back to their old home as they tell Kathy of Cindy's link to George.

They later move on to meet Alfie, with the former bar owner delighted to see his old friend for the first time in years…

Cindy's return marks the first time the character has set foot in Walford for 25 years, with actor Michelle Collins recently teasing what can be expected from her comeback on the soap.

cindy beale in eastenders

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“A lot has happened to her. She's been through a lot and she's almost got PTSD – she is a bit traumatised, but still a very strong character," she said. "I think these shows write really well for women and I was really happy with particularly that week and the progression of the script.

"There are some interesting scenes with Phil [Mitchell], as you can imagine," she teased. "I did meet a lot of supporting artists who are still here, and they were really lovely and also a lot of the crew. [They] will make me feel really at home but there aren't that many people that are still there. There are only a handful who really knew Cindy but I am sure they knew her history though."

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