EastEnders' Denise Fox catches out Ravi over Ranveer's murder

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders aired a shock discovery for Denise Fox tonight (September 13) as she found out about Ravi's involvement in Ranveer Gulati's death.

The big reveal went down following an argument about Chelsea's new living arrangements, with Denise left feeling frustrated about the man she almost cheated with having a relationship with her daughter.

However, Jack insisted they make nice and attend the couple's housewarming dinner, stressing the importance of maintaining a relationship with Chelsea instead of alienating herself.

On the other-side of the square, Chelsea discussed plans to host dinner later on when Ravi's son Nugget stopped by to hand over Suki's old laptop to make a playlist for the night.

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Denise later accepted her daughter's peace offering by deciding to attend the gathering, but was soon back on the warpath after overhearing a conversation in the Vic between Gina and Anna about Ravi dealing drugs.

Jack and Denise then arrived at a tension filled Number 1, with the couple witnessing Ravi act very suspiciously after seeing his son with the old laptop.

A row then broke out after Chelsea revealed she'd been tipped off about Denise and Gina's earlier conversation in the pub, leading Jack to usher Denise out of the house before the situation escalated.

Nish then warned Ravi about Denise's accusations, which he brushed off, insisting she had no evidence on him. Only to turn around and discover the old laptop was now missing.

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Back at the Brannings, Denise and Ricky were sat with the laptop, with the teenager able to unlock the device and retrieve files for her. Denise then made a huge discovery, as the video clearly revealed that Ravi had murdered Ranveer.

The recording was finally enough evidence for Denise to take to the police and have Ravi put behind bars. However, the weight of the revelation meant that she didn't hear the door open and Ravi sneak into the room behind her.

"Anything interesting?" he inquired, before the duff duff rolled.

Will Denise be able to reveal the truth?

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