EastEnders' Billy is arrested in Lola's tragic final week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Billy Mitchell fears he could miss his chance to say goodbye to his granddaughter Lola Pearce-Brown next week.

There's a race against time for Billy's loved ones when he's arrested following a huge argument with Nish Panesar.

Show bosses have confirmed that Lola's heartbreaking final scenes will air next week, as her cancer storyline reaches its conclusion.

When Lola has another seizure early next week, nurse Suzanne warns Jay Brown that his wife is nearing the end.

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Billy struggles to cope with the situation and drowns his sorrows at the pub. After a few too many drinks, he clashes with Nish, who deliberately winds him up.

Unable to control himself at such a difficult time, Billy takes his revenge by smashing the window of the Minute Mart.

When things get even further out of hand between Billy and Nish, local policeman Jack Branning tries to intervene. Billy pushes things too far and gets himself arrested.

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The timing of this mishap couldn't be any worse, as Lola is becoming increasingly weak back at home.

Lola becomes unresponsive and Suzanne explains that she'll now have long periods of unconsciousness. She suggests that Lola's loved ones should start saying their goodbyes.

Honey and Phil Mitchell both try to do what they can for Billy at the police station, but Jack explains that he'll only be released if Nish withdraws his witness statement and drops the charges.

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Honey and Phil try to talk Nish round, and spoiler pictures confirm that Billy will indeed be involved in Lola's final moments.

This seems to suggest that an agreement with Nish will be reached, but what will it take for him to drop his petty feud with the Mitchell family at such a difficult time?

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