EastEnders airs Jay Brown death cliffhanger

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired a death cliffhanger for Jay Brown.

Wednesday's (October 25) episode concluded with police turning up at the Vic to find Jay's family because he'd been involved in a potentially lethal car crash.

Jay has been struggling with grief in the aftermath of wife Lola Pearce-Brown's death, turning to drugs and his new companion Nadine as a way to dull the pain.

The latest episode was supposed to revolve around Jay joining the family to scatter Lola's ashes around Albert Square, at the request of his stepdaughter Lexi.

eastenders' jay brown

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However, Jay woke up at the Vic to a confrontation with a very angry barman George Knight over whether he was having a negative impact on Gina Knight.

Jay chose to heavily drink rather than attend the ceremony for Lola, though he was eventually thrown out of the Vic and barred from returning once drugs were found on him.

"I didn't take any," he swore to Gina.

As he wandered through the Square, Jay ended up nearly having a physical fight with Keanu Taylor before Billy Mitchell intervened to stop Jay from being hurt.

A furious Billy ordered Jay to go home and sort out something nice to wear for Lola's ceremony, though he couldn't face saying goodbye to his wife once again.

Gina and Ben Mitchell eventually found Jay passed out on the sofa, leading to yet another huge row where Jay accidentally knocked over Lola's urn.

Billy snapped over the shattered urn, demanding Jay stay away from the family forever. A now totally distraught Jay decided he was leaving for Margate, even though Gina urged him not to drive.

eastenders' ben mitchell and billy mitchell

In an ominous final scene, Gina discovered that Jay wasn't at the car lot like he was supposed to be. She frantically tried ringing Jay, only to look on in horror as a police car pulled up in the Square.

The police asked to speak to Jay's next of kin, with Callum stepping in since he's on the Walford PD. Callum soon returned with the solemn news that there had been an accident.

In upcoming episodes, Ben and Callum grapple with the implications of Jay's accident as Lexi vows to stand by her stepdad.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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