The Easiest Way to Untangle a Necklace, According to a Celebrity Jeweler

And prevent tangles in the first place.

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We’ve all been there—excited to wear a necklace that’s the perfect accessory for your outfit. But, then we go to our jewlery box only to discover the chain is knotted or tangled up with a bunch of other necklaces. It’s so frustrating, but it happens to just about all jewlery lovers. “Untangling chains can be a big headache,” says celebrity jeweler (he’s known for his work with the Kardashians) George “George The Jeweler” Khalife.

However, once the chain is untangled, the payoff is big. “Believe it or not, it's one of my favorite things to do because it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction when they're finally untangled,” he says.

Here’s how Khaliffe approaches untangling chains as well as his best tips for preventing them in the first place.

If You Have a Knot In Just One Chain

  1. Lay the chain down on a flat, hard surface, such as a kitchen, desk, or dining table.

  2. Find a safety pin, pushpin, or anything sharp, as well as a pair of tweezers (eyebrow ones work fine).

  3. Locate the center of the knot and start tapping with the pin. Tap in between the chain and the actual knot itself, not directly on the chain.

  4. Repeat this process using light to moderate force, being careful not to break or damage the chain. You will start to see the knot shift and loosen. Continue tapping.

  5. Once you have loosened it enough to get the tweezers in, switch to using them to further open the knot until you can undo it.

  6. If the knot is stubborn, resist the urge to break it. Keep tapping and consider finding a sharper pin if necessary.

How to Untangle Multiple Chains

  1. Unclasp all the chains.

  2. Use the same tapping method on a hard surface starting with the bigger knots first.

  3. Tap with your pin to loosen the knots, and use the tweezers to open the knot and comb from the knot outwards to pull it out. Treat the chains like you would treat your hair (remember not to apply too much force as chains are delicate).

  4. If you are still struggling, try focusing on one chain at a time, starting with the easier one to untangle. Then move on to the next.

  5. If all else fails, and you have been at it for a while, take it to your local jeweler for assistance, so that you don't damage the chain.

How to Avoid Chain Tangles In The First Place

  1. Keep thinner, dainty chains separate, especially if they are different types of chains. Chains are more likely to tangle up due to weight differences.

  2. Take the pendants off chains when storing them.

  3. Store necklaces in the box they came in or in small plastic bags. You can find them on Amazon if you don’t have any.

  4. Don’t close the whole necklace in the bag. Instead, leave the clasp hanging outside of the bag before sealing it. This prevents knots and tangles from forming if the clasp is heavier than the chain.

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