The Easiest Shirt to Wear All Summer Is a Steal Right Now

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Photo credit: Courtesy

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Every day here at Esquire, we wake up, shuffle over to our computers, load up the ol' internet, and start scouring megaretailers and niche sites alike for the coolest stuff that you, dear reader, can buy right now. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can keep an eye on the stuff that you're really into. (Don't worry, there's nothing nefarious happening here. We just want to make sure we're all vibing on an appropriately high frequency.)

And you know what you—the royal you, the aggregate you—are really into? Madewell's breezy camp shirt, which is one of the most-clicked items in our post on the massive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It makes sense that all you style-savvy folks are feeling this particular shirt. It's a little boxy, giving it all the ease a great summer shirt should have in 2021. It's done up in an ultra-versatile navy and finished with a textured stripe that keeps things just interesting enough. And it's marked down from $72.00 to $45.90, a limited-time discount that leaves you with a few bucks in your pocket to buy a couple drinks when you first break out your new shirt.

And break out your new shirt you will. Because this is the kind of topper that begs to be worn immediately upon arrival, and then as often as possible until, well...whenever. When the temperature is soaring, wear it on its own with a pair of lightweight, cropped chinos or some poplin shorts. When things cool off and you're keeping things casual, layer it under a cardigan or a chore coat. Want to dress it up a bit? Wear it with a blazer or (gasp!) a full-on suit. This is the kind of shirt that'll work with pretty much everything in your closet, pretty much any time you want to wear it.

The sweet deal Nordstrom is offering on said shirt, though, is not an anytime kinda thing. Remember, items in the Anniversary Sale go back to normal price on August 9, this shirt included. But you're not worried about that, right? You'll already be wearing it by then.

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