E3 2024 in jeopardy as ESA splits with new organizer after just 14 months

 E3 2023 dates
E3 2023 dates

The fate of E3 2024 is uncertain, as parent company the ESA and new organizer Reedpop have parted ways after just over a year.

Earlier today, GamesIndustry.biz reported that its parent company, ReedPop, and the ESA, who organizes E3, are no longer working together. The ESA has also told the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 is typically held, that the convention won't be returning to the location in 2024.

That's not to say that E3 2024 isn't happening, however. The ESA could very well find a new partner to hold the showcase for June next year, and hold it at another location in Los Angeles. The ESA and ReedPop ended their partnership after signing a multi-year deal in 2023, but E3 2023 later that same year was ultimately cancelled.

GamesIndustry.biz also reports that the ESA is attempting to "reinvent" E3 for 2025. "While we will not be involved with the future of E3 we look forward to seeing its evolution and where the ESA takes it," ReedPop's games events boss Kyle Marsden-Kish told the outlet.

If E3 does return in some form or another, it'll have to compete in the same space as the Summer Game Fest, which is run by host Geoff Keighley. The annual showcase now typically takes place near the beginning of June, which is the space that E3 would've once inhabited, unopposed. E3 will return to a very different gaming landscape, if it does return at all.

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