Dylan Penn treasures jewellery given to her by mother Robin Wright

Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn treasures the pieces of jewellery gifted to her by her mother Robin Wright.

The model and actress, who is the daughter of the House of Cards star and actor Sean Penn, has been tapped to front the latest campaign for fine jewellery company The Last Line.

Speaking about her own personal collection of bling in an interview with U.S. InStyle, Dylan revealed Robin has handed her some timeless pieces.

“I have some jewellery passed down from my mom, which is super-precious to me,” the 28-year-old said. “I love the idea of passing down jewellery. It’s as if you’re handing down a timeless trend – or even a fleeting trend – from one generation to another. More often than not, that trend becomes popular again! There’s so much sentimental value in handing down anything – jewellery, clothing, etc.”

Dylan went on to explain that she is a huge fan of The Last Line, and one of the reasons she enjoys wearing the label’s pieces is that she can shower and sleep in them.

"I love being able to layer pieces, whether necklaces, rings or earrings. I am obsessed with really dainty gold pieces mixed with bolder ones like a black, diamond cuff. I also don’t think I could have enough piercings, so I like to fill up my ear and I don’t ever like to take anything off," she shared.

"I have to be able to sleep and shower in my jewellery which is why the brand is so great.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Elvis & Nixon star confessed she loves wearing zodiac jewellery.

"My birthday is April 13, so I’m an Aries. While I do follow them, I like to take zodiac and horoscopes with a grain of salt," Dylan added.

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