Duterte to ABS-CBN: Just sell the network!

Heidi Hsia

31 Dec – President Rodrigo Duterte is still not backing down from his threat not to renew ABS-CBN's franchise.

As reported on Rappler, the Philippine president reiterated his stance yet again during a speech in Cotabato on 30 December, saying that he is unsure whether the network's license will be renewed when it expires in March 2020.

"I don't know if that will happen. If I were you, I'd sell it," he said.

Duterte also added that it is about time that the Filipino people get back at the network, adding, "I will make sure that you will remember this episode of our times forever."

It is noted that the president's gripe with ABS-CBN has been going on since 2016, when he accused the network of intentionally refusing to air his political ads during the presidential election campaign.

If the bills filed at the House of Representative to renew the franchise is not passed and signed into law, the network will have to close down its radio and television operations.

(Photo Source: Rappler)