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Dunkin Donuts employee reveals the truth behind those large iced drinks: ‘Stop paying for ice’

A Dunkin Donuts employee filmed a demonstration to prove just how much beverage customers truly get when they order large iced drinks, and the revelation has viewers stunned.

TikToker Thomas (@thomastheterrible) gained over 24.9 million views, 966,000 likes, 43,000 saves, 15,000 shares and 12,000 comments when he uploaded the drink revelation to his account.

We’ve seen food industry secrets go viral on the app before — like the restaurant worker who revealed the heartbreaking truth behind those sizzling fajita dishes you see in Applebees and Chili’s — but Thomas’s video has Dunkin fans rethinking their favorite large iced beverages.

While working a shift at Dunkin, Thomas — whose bio reads, “I work at Dunkin and do a mediocre job” — took to TikTok to inform customers of the truth behind their favorite large iced drinks.

“Stop paying for ice 💀,” Thomas writes in the video.

He then films a visual demonstration by flipping an iced drink (labeled “Large”) upside down over an empty cup (labeled “Small”). The liquid empties into the small cup, leaving behind only the ice — proving that the liquid volume of a large drink is actually just that of a small drink.

“It’s an absolute waste of your f***ing money to pay $3.50 for a large when you can buy a small for $2,” he says.

This isn’t the first time this subject has won Thomas viral attention. On July 15, he filmed his response to a customer who ordered a large drink, but was given a medium.

In this demonstration, he pours a medium beverage — ice and all — into a large cup, then simply adds more ice to fill it up.

‘I’ll spend a few cents more for an icy cold drink’

Nearly 13,000 TikTokers visited Thomas’s comment section to voice their opinions on the ice controversy — but few could agree on the best way to handle the beverage dilemma.

“Just get a large no ice,” wrote @wachin_fascista, a comment which gained over 73,000 likes.

“Who wants a warm drink!? I’ll spend a few cents more for an icy cold drink,” countered @vickierx.

“I always ask for a little bit of ice and that solves that issue,” wrote @chedderbonwithdacheese88.

‘Chilling is a byproduct of dilution’

According to the bartending recruitment site Matchstaff, asking for less ice in a drink may not be the best way to go.

“Chilling is a byproduct of dilution: When ice melts, it transfers its chilling energy to its surroundings as it absorbs heat, thus making its surroundings colder,” it explains.

“The more ice you have, the quicker you chill your drink, the quicker you chill your drink, the slower the dilution will be. … More ice means faster chilling followed by slower dilution. You get a cold drink at its ‘peak’ dilution and temperature quicker than if half the ice had been put into your glass.”

However, considering the massive and unwelcome impact that plastic cups have on our environment — taking hundreds of years to break down in landfills, only to become dangerous microplastics — the best answer may be to make your own large icy beverages at home, or to ask the barista to fill a reusable insulated tumbler you’ve brought from home.

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