'Dune' final trailer hints toward a franchise in development

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08 Oct 2021: 'Dune' final trailer hints toward a franchise in development

Warner Bros. released the final trailer for its upcoming science-fiction extravaganza Dune recently. Adding on to the elements and storylines teased in previous trailers, the latest one gives us more insight into the characters. Also, it might have hinted toward a possible sequel(s) in development. For now, the Denis Villeneuve directorial is set for October 22 release date. Here's a trailer breakdown.

Trailer: Arrakis aka Dune is the center-stage for an all-ending battle

As seen in the main trailer from July, Timothée Chalamet's Paul Atreides, who is the son of a Duke, is having visions of an impending conflict on a planet Arrakis aka Dune, through Zendaya's Chani. Soon, his people land upon that world to save the Arrakis residents from the "outsiders." But the dangers are manifold and a lot is at stake.

Relations: We see more of Paul's camaraderie with other characters

What we get to see more of here is Paul's camaraderie with the other characters. He seems to have a friend/guide/philosopher equation with Jason Momoa's character. On the other hand, Josh Brolin's character seems to be his trainer, preparing him to ably take over the mantle of House Atreides' next leader. We also get a glimpse of Dave Bautista's menacing look as a Harkonnen.

Fact: Watch the trailer here

Notable: This line in the trailer has the fans most excited

If you pay close attention to the 2.28-minute-long trailer, you will catch glimpses of character deaths, which we will not be revealing for the sake of withholding spoilers. But what we can speculate about is Chani's last dialogue in the clip. She turns back and says, "This is only the beginning," possibly hinting that Warner Bros. has already green-lit the creation of a franchise.

Information: The movie is set to release in India this month

Another theme running through the latest trailer is Paul's quest to win over fear: "Where the fear is gone, only I will remain." Based on Frank Herbert's best-selling novel by the same name, the movie premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival last month. It has already seen theatrical releases in many European countries and will drop in Indian theaters on October 22.

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