My Dumb Little Peanut Brain Just Got Completely Blown After I Saw These 23 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time Last Week

1.This is a wax sculpture of Thomas Wedders, the man whose 7.5-inch nose was apparently the largest nose in history:

a wax sculpture with a big nose

No jokes, please. None.

Twitter: @exploresomenew2

2.This is what the surface of an ASTEROID looks like:

surface of an asteroid

3.These are what some of the Titanic's lifeboats looked like after they were docked in New York after the ship sunk:

Titanic lifeboats

Imagine being on one of those in the pitch black night in the middle of the ocean. No, thanks!

New York Daily News Archive / NY Daily News via Getty Images

4.This is the tree that will be used as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree for the 2023 holiday season:

a giant tree

5.This is what an Arizona Iced Tea can in Europe looks like compared to one in the good ol' USA:

Arizona tea cans

Can you tell which is which? Of course you can.

u/gkumk / Via

6.This is what an anaconda looks like in the wild:

a giant anaconda on the side of the road

7.Despite making up the vast majority of the country, only 2% of the Australian population lives inside the yellow highlight on this map:

a map of Australia

8.And here's a sign you might see before entering the yellow portion of that map of Australia:

"Remote Areas Ahead"

I think I'll turn around.

u/iamayeshaerotica / Via

9.This totally safe device was known as a baby cage, a wire cage suspended out of an apartment window meant to give babies born in cities extra light and air:

a baby in a cage

And probably a lifelong hatred of pigeons.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

10.This is Sorvagsvatn, a lake in the Faroe Islands known as "the lake that hangs over the ocean":


Ain't that neat.

Frank Fichtmüller / Getty Images/iStockphoto

11.Those orange pylons in football end zones have so much technology in them that they require fans to operate:

An orange post

12.Cats, my friend...cats can get really, really big:

A woman holding a Maine coon

13.And mushrooms? Well, mushrooms can be blue:

a blue mushroom

14.Bootleg Lego heads are terrifying:

A Lego

15.Veneers don't glow under a blacklight:

Teeth glowing in the dark

Sorry to break the news to you.

u/sarahkbug / Via

16.The last McDonald's in Iceland closed in 2009. Feast your eyes on the final cheeseburger sold in the country, which has been preserved and lying in state for the past decade:

a preserved burger and fries

17.This is what happens when there's a fire in an aircraft hanger:

a fire in a hangar

The world's most dangerous foam party.

u/stygarfield / Via

18.For some reason, someone once invented a device with which you could smoke an entire pack of cigarettes:

a woman smoking while on the phone

Let's bring this back for the ultimate TikTok challenge.

Jacobsen / Getty Images

19.If you leave an apple alone for long enough, it'll turn black:

a black apple

Snow White in shambles.

u/pandoxia / Via

20.This is astronaut Dr. Joseph P. Allen IV doing maintenance on a satellite in the middle of the cold, dark void of space:

An astronaut on a satellite

Again, no thanks!

Nasa / Getty Images

21.Dirt doesn't stick to scars or burns:

a scar on a dirty hand

Because there aren't any sweat glands.

u/thesensualpencil / Via

22.There are little vaccine packets being dropped into wooded areas to help stop the spread of rabies:

"Rabies Vaccine"

Like a chaotic good silica gel packet.

u/citii / Via

23.And, finally, whoopee cushions will straight up crumble into dust over time:

A broken whoopee cushion

Look on my Toots, ye Mighty, and despair!

u/kanyequest / Via